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Short Memory on Partisanship

Reported by Judy - July 21, 2004 -

Fox News' perennial pundit Bill Kristol today (July 21) decried the bitter partisanship in American politics and said he had hoped things would have been different after 9/11. Not surprisingly, he blamed critics of the president for the collapse of the bipartisanship.

On Fox News Live (9:44 a.m. EDT), Krisol blamed the testimony of Richard Clarke before the 9/11 commission for the "way in which .... the event surrounding 9/11 became a political football."

Gee, Bush running pictures from 9/11 in his campaign ads didn't make it partisan? Bush running as the president who made American safer didn't make it partisan? Bush trying to block the 9/11 commission in the first place and then only reluctantly cooperating didn't make it partisan? Bush lying about the connection between al Qaeda and Iraq so that he could attack Iraq didn't make it partisan?

Kristol must be suffering from memory lapses. Otherwise, in the fair and balanced tradition of Fox News Channel, he certainly would have brought those factors up.