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Point Made

Reported by Melanie - July 21, 2004 -

The majority of the time allotted for Dayside w/Linda Vester today (July 21, 2004) was taken by live coverage of a press briefing at the Pentagon by Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Meyers. Before the briefing started, Fox was able to stick the knife a little deeper into the Democrats by running a report by James Rosen from D.C. on the Samuel ("Sandy") Berger affair.

After Rosen's report, Vester started to read an email by first saying: "All the emails we got were along this same" line. Then she read an email essentially asking how Samuel Berger, a former National Security Advisor, could be so stupid. She then turned to the audience and asked if they agreed.

They did. Then Vester said, "Interesting."

COMMENT: I wonder if "all" the emails they got were in the same vein. Not even one teeny tiny one was different? This is one of the subtle ways in which Fox gives the impression that most people agree with them, and that whatever subject matter they're talking about at the time is the majority opinion.