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Berger Still on Fox's Grill

Reported by Judy - July 21, 2004 -

Fox News Channel showed no signs of letting up on the Sandy Berger story today (July 21). After bringing up the story during its first hour, Fox and Friends proceeded to re-hash it in its second hour (8:04 a.m. EDT), but to do so had to make a surprising admission.

Co-hosts Steve Doocy, E.D. Hill, and Brian Kilmeade found it necessary to continue the speculation over the timing of the leak concerning the investigation into Berger's visit to the National Archives last fall. Hill's attitude was that "probably somebody on the Republican side leaked it," but that the timing of the leak is not important.

Doocy was into the "some say" routine, noting that "some have said" Berger took the document last October to help John Kerry, and that the timing would have been worse if the investigation had been leaked before Richard Clarke's testimony to the 9/11 commission (so obviously the Republicans didn't leak it).

Then Doocy added that Fox News "tried to get his (Berger's) attorney on, but he refused to appear on Fox News." Interesting that after Outfoxed skewered Fox for its overwhelming use of Republican guests, Doocy found it necessary to (1) Invite a Democrat; (2) Reveal that it had invited a Democrat; (3) Admitted that the Democrat would not appear "on Fox News," leaving open the possibility that the lawyer has appeared on other news channels.

What Doocy was really saying is that if you want fair and balanced coverage you will have to go elsewhere because we have belittled Democrats so often that they are avoiding us. I hope this trend continues.

Fox and Friends still had to go back to the leak in an interview with Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pennsylvania (9:15 a.m. EDT), who knew absolutely nothing about the incident and kept decrying the leak.