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Another Story You Don't Hear on Fox

Reported by Eleanor - July 21, 2004 -

Lou Dobbs on CNN (July 21, 6:55 p.m.) reported on the huge stock market decline today with a new economic report that 47 states have more job loss that when the recession began.

Alan Greenspan in his speech about this said that the job market will improve, and that education is the answer to jobs going overseas. Dobbs commented that "education is a long-term proposition, while job growth is a short term, critical necessity."

Comment: Education to do what? Prepare for the tech jobs that are going overseas? You don't need an education for the minimum wage service jobs selling things that are produced overseas. These jobs can't be outsourced until all the checkouts are automated. Walmart, here we come until those jobs disappear too! Oh yeah, and the McDonald's jobs will disappear as well when people can no longer afford to eat out.