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Subtler but still there

Reported by Chrish - July 20, 2004 -

It was a toned down day in Studio B today July 19. Shep Smith and Jane Skinner were on best behavior (Jane said she was "being very well-behaved today...not saying anything inappropriate...no laughter...serious, bland...) and the only notable dig came from a reporter outside the studio.

Adam Hously (3:40 EDT) grinned as he reported on the "girlie men" remark of Arnold Schwarzennegger and his "chuckling" staff's comments on his declining to apologize: "...forceful way of making the point that legislators are wimps when they let special interests push them around."

Comment: Earlier in the reporting the "legislators" had been identified as Democrats, so the equation of Democrats to wimps was subtle.

The "special interests" had been identified as unions and those devils, trial lawyers.
Last time I checked unions were populated by constituents, all of them working and paying taxes, and trial lawyers are the way we are represented in the vaunted American judicial system.

These so-called "special interests" are representatives of ordinary Americans in our economic and legal systems. When they are dismissed or demonized, so are we.