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Few Facts, Lots of Spin

Reported by Melanie - July 20, 2004 -

Brian Kilmeade substituted for Linda Vester today (July 20, 2004) on Dayside. The show began with the introduction of Cheri Jacobus, "Republican strategist" and Rich Masters, "Democratic strategist" to discuss the FBI probe of Samuel Berger. Here's an article from the Washington Post, titled FBI Probes Berger for Document Removal, by Susan Schmidt and Dan Eggen which gives more detail.

As soon as she was given the mic, Jacobus took off.

"John Kerry might have had contact with some of this information." (Maybe. Maybe not, but now you can't unring the bell.) Jacobus talked about a Friday, July 16, 2004 John Kerry press conference. Jacobus said that during that press conference Kerry was "trying to get ahead" of the release of the 9/11 Commission's report. She insinuated that Kerry might have used material Berger allegedly took from the archives in making his remarks on that day. One could even draw the conclusion that Jacobus meant that Berger took documents precisely for that reason. She said this is "extremely damaging to Kerry and the Democrats."

Rich Masters, unfortunately, chuckled through the interview and seemed not to understand that this is the bash-Democrats issue of the day (so far). All he could say were things like these are just "conspiracy theories."

COMMENT: We have very, very few facts right now. Huge leaps are being made; wild insinuations thrown about. You can be sure if this turns into nothing, we'll never about THAT on Fox.