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Colmes Admits His Radio Show is "Not Necessarily Liberal"

Reported by Ellen - July 20, 2004 -

Early this morning, at approximately 12:14 EDT, Alan Colmes admitted that his radio program is "not necessarily liberal."

After several weeks of monitoring Fox News Live with Alan Colmes (a radio program), I have come to the conclusion that Alan Colmes does, in fact, hold genuinely liberal views. However, his program seems to be well-controlled by Fox producers who make sure to get the right-wing Republican message out despite his views. And for reasons unknown, Colmes doesn't seem to mind.

The 7/19-20 program was a good example. The guests during the first hour included a representative of Protest Warrior, a group that just happened to have been profiled today on the FOXNews.com website, Protesting the Protesters. It's a group whose mission seems to be to crash left-leaning events.

To be fair, Colmes had a representative from an anti-war group on at the same time. But one has to wonder why Protest Warrior, which according to their website has fewer than 6000 members, is noteworthy other than that they embody that flagship of Fox principles of being anti-left. A visit to their website is bound to be unsettling to liberals. Their mission states, "Leftists usually carry the loudest megaphones. And left unchallenged, their voices are heard disproportionately, demoralizing our troops, and emboldening dictators around the world - dictators who dream of the day the "Great Satan" disappears from the face of the earth... It's time to turn up the juice on OUR megaphones."

Nevertheless, liberal Colmes never seemed to question either their objectives or their import.