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The Party That Pledged to Bring "Honor" Back

Reported by Melanie - July 19, 2004 -

Steve Doocy substituted for Linda Vester today (July 19, 2004) on Dayside. At 1:33 p.m. ET Doocy introduced Bob Bechel, "Democratic strategist," and Pete Snyder, "Republican strategist." The subject was Arnold Schwarzenegger calling California Democrats who are fighting parts his proposed budget, "girlie men."

Doocy thought the comment was very funny and introduced the segment in his usual goofy-guy manner. Bechel rightly pointed out that "you just don't do [say] that." Pete Snyder said, "just lighten up."

At one point Doocy said he'd polled the audience and they agreed with Schwarzenegger (though no audience member spoke or confirmed this) and that he (Doocy) thinks the people in California will say, "you know what, they're right, they are girlie men." Then Snyder again: "If politicans can't get over it, that's kind of pathetic."

COMMENT: Note how Doocy reinforced the Republican line - "they are girlie men?"

My only comment is that this is the crowd that was going to bring honor and dignity back into politics. So far, there's this incident, after which we're told to "lighten up," and then there was the recent incident of our Vice President telling a distinguished member of the Senate to "go *F* yourself." That was okay because Cheney "felt better afterward." Is this how the family values crowd defines honor and dignity?