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Don't Forget to Mention the Republicans, Doocy

Reported by Melanie - July 19, 2004 -

Steve Doocy substituted for Linda Vester today (July 19, 2004) on Dayside. Just into the second half of the program, Doocy's guests were Bob Bechel, "Democratic strategist," and Pete Snyder, "Republican strategist."

The three discussed several topics, until Doocy introduced a new one: It sounds like John Kerry's "lined up thousands of lawyers" to monitor the November elections. No mention whatsoever was made of Republican activity in that arena and certainly Doocy's introduction gave no hint whatsoever that both parties are involved in this.

According to an article in today's New York Times titled: Kerry Building Legal Network for Vote Fights, By David M. Halbfinger:

The Bush-Cheney campaign says it will have party lawyers in every state, covering 30,000 precincts. An affiliated group, the Republican National Lawyers Association, held a two-day training session in Milwaukee over the weekend on "how to promote ballot access to all qualified voters," according to the group's Web site.

COMMENT: (1) The article could have been more fairly titled "Both Parties Building Legal Network for Vote Fight."

(2) If it weren't for Bob Bechel saying "I'm sure the Republicans are gonna do it too," Fox's viewing audience would have thought this was some paranoid move by scared Democrats, not an issue both parties are focused on.