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Arnold the Sexist

Reported by Judy - July 19, 2004 -

When the going gets tough, the tough call people names, especially sexist names. That's the tactic Arnold Schwarzennger resorted to in trying to resolve the budget impasse in California. Not surprisingly, the people on Fox and Friends today (July 19) had little criticism for him.

Fox and Friends co-hosts discussed Schwarzennger's use of the term "girlie men" to refer to Democrats in the California state legislature (8:11 a.m. EDT). The movie actor turned Republican governor (Hey, I thought Hollywood was all a bunch of liberals) made the comment because he was frustrated that he and the legislature have not come to agreement on a budget, despite a legal provision that the budget must be in place by June 30. Schwarzennger called the lawmakers "girlie men" because they supposedly lacked the courage to stand up to "special interests" and pass the budget.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade pointed out that women make up a quarter of the legislature and that many of them were offended by the remark, as were some gays. Co-host E.D. Hill asked incredulously, "Girlie men is a homophobic term?"

Does it have to be homophobic to be unacceptable? How about sexist? How about implying that to be a girl is to be without courage? Isn't that insulting and demeaning to women, at a time when women in the American military are under fire everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan? Isn't it insulting and demeaning to those women who fight crime as police officers and put out fires as firefighters? With all these women putting their lives on the line right alongside their male counterparts, haven't Americans gotten beyond the notion that women are weak and frightened creatures in need of protection by "real men"?

I would have thought such comments would have merited a "fair and balanced" discussion with guests from both sides of the issue. Or was the problem that Fox couldn't find any Republicans to defend Arnold?