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Democrat Repeatedly Interrupted, Host Doesn't Seem to Mind

Reported by Ellen - July 18, 2004 -

Democratic strategist Bob Beckel was unable to finish any complete thought without being interrupted every time he spoke on the Saturday, July 17, Cavuto on Business show. Conservatives were never interrupted. Apparently, host Cavuto had no problem with that.

For example, when Beckel tried to respond to that old chestnut question first posed by perennial Fox favorite Ronald Reagan, "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" Beckel started to talk about the spiraling costs of health care as just one example of ways that people are not better off. He was immediately interrupted by Tom Adkins, from commonconservative.com, a man who may have the ugliest head of hair since Medusa. Adkins shouted that the rising health-care costs are due to the trial lawyers. He then ranted about the trial lawyers' effect on Pennsylvania's health care system.

Beckel never got to finish his point about rising costs for consumers.

Comment: Adkins didn't disagree with Beckel, he just diverted the thrust of the discussion. Typical Fox tactic: Interrupt and sidetrack.

Cavuto never objected.