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Propaganda At Its Best

Reported by Eleanor - July 17, 2004 -

On Week-End Live w/Brian Wilson (July 17, 12:08 p.m.) Stuart Varney did a scathing indictment of Martha Stewart. Fox showed a very unflattering graphic sketch of Martha followed by the use of words like "arrogant, Clintonesque, corporate fraud,"etc.

Varney dismissed Martha's stock gains yesterday as short term, with long term harm to her business. He then called her statement after sentencing a "flat-out display of arrogance." He said that the Feds might really come after her now. Varney also asked if this "will turn people off to buying her sheets."

Comment: Fox and other media coverage of Martha Stewart is a great example of harassment. She was convicted of lying about a personal stock sale that was not a criminal act and had nothing to do with her company. That's all this is about. The venom still being spewed out against her is proof that her two year ordeal is related to much more than meets the eye.

During the Bulls & Bears program at 10:00 a.m., Martha was compared to Ken Lay and the Fastows, but she has "grass roots sympathy." Cavuto on Business at 10:42 said that the case for a cover-up of insider trading was never made. "They didn't catch her." (Doing what??) "It's odd that she's being lumped with other offenders." Also, "Should it hurt her company that she's being targeted by the Feds." (That's a good question.)

Lying about something personal that was not illegal in the first place should in no case get jail time. I still believe the "Feds" are using Martha's case and her "light" punishment as a precedent for how they will treat the real criminals who are due for prosecution very soon, and who have lots of powerful friends. Can you imagine getting a minimum sentence for cooking the company books to show false profits, and deliberately ripping off millions from retiree funds?

Martha made a few thousand dollars on a sale from her personal portfolio because her broker told her to sell. She told the Feds that the sale was based on a sale order, when it actually related to a phone call. Rarely, does anyone say that, so many people are confused about the whole thing, even after hundreds of hours and two years of Martha coverage.

Is the American media informative journalism or corporate and government propaganda? The answer is obvious. Scary.