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Hannity's Foolish Aggression

Reported by Deborah - July 17, 2004 -

Jim Hightower, well known and self described Populist, tried to plug his humorous book, "Lets Stop Beating Around The Bush." Hightower and Colmes were just beginning to talk about the book, when Hannity made his entrance, ready to pick a fight. It was clear that Hannity had no intention of allowing Hightower to share information with the audience. 7/16/04 9:30 PM ET

Hightower was talking about Bush's flip flops when Hannity challenged, "Are you calling the President a liar? Hightower, a little stunned answered,"Yes."

Now this is Hannity's regular routine which Colmes and I have seen time after time. Then true to form he read two quotes about WMD and Saddam and any regular viewer of Hannity, would know that these quotes were not Bush's, but in fact Kerry's and Edwards. Hannity kept repeating "You think he's a liar, " then revealed that the quotes were not from Bush. "Checkmate", Hannity declared in victory.

Of course, Hannity, started his ranting block, denying Hightower a chance to respond and got the last word with "You are a kool-aid drinker. You don't have intellectual honesty."

Comment: Although this technique is common on Hannity & Colmes, this particular incident was revealing. Hannity's abusive anger was so unwarranted by Hightowers friendly demeanor, it made Hannity seem unstable and irrational. Hannity's abrupt plunge into attack mode, without any discussion with Hightower, looked totally contrived and out of context and he made it crystal clear, that anyone with conflicting views must be treated like the enemy. Hannity's performance tonight not only diminished his power, it made him look foolish.