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Gibson Misses the Point

Reported by Ellen - July 17, 2004 -

John Gibson tried to deliver a strike from the Fox Empire against the guerrilla documentary, Outfoxed, but he succeeded only in a swat that largely missed the point.

In Liberals Bashing FOX News... Again, Gibson refutes the claims of Fox bias made in the movie by saying, "First off, I'd like you to look over my show. Clinton administration folks wouldn't have anything to do if they weren't coming on my show nearly every day. We put libs on by the car load, and they get to say their peace."

Comment: Nobody said Fox doesn't put liberals on its shows. But according to the FAIR statistics cited in Outfoxed, there are far fewer liberals than conservatives on Fox. Notice this is not a point disputed by Gibson. Besides that, it's which liberals are on, what they're allowed to say or not say and how much time they get that's at issue.

Gibson says that Fox is watched by 2 percent of America while the networks are watched, collectively, by 30 percent. Add in the newsweeklies, NPR, the big national newspapers and, "You have America's major media dominated by the Left; 80-some percent of reporters are self-described liberals, and they're complaining because FOX lets you hear what the conservatives have to say while also presenting the liberal side."

Comment: The problem is not that Fox allows conservatives to have a say. The problem is, as Director/Producer Robert Greenwald said in a July 11, 2004 NY Times Magazine article, "Fox is a Republican, not merely a conservative, network."

That means Fox promotes the Republican agenda and opposes almost any other. Republicans (and potential Democratic spoiler Ralph Nader) speak, the Democratic side gets squelched. Some of the ways are obvious, such as being interrupted and diverted by the hosts. Some Fox ways are subtle, such as having reporters wrapping their stories in innuendo and comments from "some" unnamed others. Fox manages the message by orchestrating how their guests appear as much as which ones do.

Gibson also says, "The producers of this hit piece use some of FOX's internal memos on news direction to justify the claim of bias. They ignore memos that run counter to their theory."

Comment: So what if not ALL Fox internal memos indicate bias? There are plenty shown in the movie that do. Gibson never contradicts that fact, probably because he can't.