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You Can Tell It's Friday

Reported by Melanie - July 16, 2004 -

It's Friday, July 16, 2004 and as is true most Fridays, Dayside w/Linda Vester was fairly flat. Fortunately for all the networks (but unfortunate for the viewing audience), Martha Stewart was sentenced today so they have a lot of cheap material to fill the day with. Dayside was no exception.

The line-up was Martha Stewart's sentencing and whether or not Martha appeared to be "confident," "arrogant," "furious," or "in denial;" Western wildfires; workplace shootings; live coverage of John McCain introducing Dick Cheney at a campaign stop in Lansing, Michigan and then a few minutes of Cheney speaking; liberal, Bush-hating Hollywood elite (with a clip of Dennis Miller making a speech praising Bush thrown in for the "fair and balanced" affect); how to protect your child from an abductor this summer; a full fledged "Fox News Alert" telling us that Peter Bacanovic (Martha Stewart's stock broker) had just arrived at the US Courthouse in NYC for sentencing; and Dayside's regular segment called "Stupid Criminals."

While I was interrupted for a new minutes, the most absurd part of what I saw, apart from too much Martha, was a "news break" at 1:14 p.m. ET. Uma Pemmaraju reported on Lance Armstrong's standing in the Tour de France and said, "President Bush is already predicting victory for his fellow Texan."

COMMENT: You'd think Fox would, at the very least, try to be serious during their 90 second "news breaks" wouldn't you?