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They're No. 1?

Reported by Judy - July 16, 2004 -

Fox News likes to brag about being the most watched cable news channel in America, but like everything else Fox News says, that may be more hype than reality. While in New York for the premiere of Outfoxed, I visited the Fox News building to check things out for myself.

One of the Newshounds walked past the Fox News building on Monday. While standing on the sidewalk, a Fox News employee approached her and asked her if she wanted to be in the audience for Linda Vester's Dayside program. With a little more than an hour to go until showtime, Fox News still did not have enough people to fill the seats for one of the shows on this most watched cable news channel in America.

Okay, it may have been a fluke. Monday is washday and everybody had to stay home and wash the towels instead of flocking to see Dayside. So on Tuesday, more Newshounds paid a visit to the Fox News building and found a Fox News employee again trolling for a Dayside audience. The Fox News employee even invited the Newshounds to join the audience. (S/he had no idea s/he was consorting with the enemy, so don't you dare fire him/her, Rupert). For the second day in a row, the most watched cable news channel in America didn't have enough warm bodies for its live show.

Not wanting to jump to conclusions too quickly (unlike Fox reporters), some Newshounds returned again Wednesday to check out the line for Dayside. On Wednesday, there were some ticket-holders who came for the show, but again not enough to fill the seats. So for the third day in a row, employees of the most watched cable network in America were pounding the pavement outside the building looking for warm bodies to drag into the Dayside audience. They needed only a few, however, since some ticket-holders did show up.

Still, for three days in a row, the most watched cable news channel in America had to use a dragnet to build the audience for one of its shows. If Fox News is really so popular, why are its shows so sparsely attended in the middle of tourist season in New YorK?

Guess all the Fox News viewers must be skipping the show and heading for the U.N. to check out all those records in the Oil for Food program.