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The Empire Strikes Back

Reported by Ellen - July 16, 2004 -

They must be worried over at Fox News. Every time I search their website, I find a new article knocking Outfoxed. I'll try to comment on each one, starting with Decide for Yourself, by Brian Wilson. Despite the seemingly neutral title, the article is nothing less than a polemic against the movie and for Fox.

What Wilson does not say is, in my view, more interesting than what he does. Not addressed in his article:

The bullying and misrepresentations of Bill O'Reilly shown in all their "glory" on film; the previously undisclosed relationship between "Campaign Carl" Cameron's wife and the Bush 2000 campaign; the existence and text of the Fox memos shown in the movie; the statistics reported by FAIR showing Republican preference on Fox News. One can only take Fox's lack of denial on the substance of these points as an admission of their veracity.

Mr. Wilson complains that clips have been taken out of context in the film. I can't comment on the editing of the movie, but I can say that every aspect of the film is completely and thoroughly in line with my observations as a Fox News monitor for more than five months (six hours or more a week since early February). See my other comments on the blog for citations and references.

I accept Mr. Wilson's challenge to follow Fox's coverage of the Democratic convention. I urge news hounds and bloggers from all over to do the same.