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Martha Mania

Reported by Nancy - July 16, 2004 -

FNL spent the early part of the morning hyping the fact that Martha Stewart would be sentenced today. Once the sentence was handed down & publicly available ...

... FNL went to an all-Martha, all-the-time, format. In addition to endless speculation & commentary offered by their own reporters & anchors, FNL interviewed a number of attorneys. Rick Folbaum's efforts to whip up some outrage fell flat, as every attorney interviewed pointed out that the judge's sentence was within sentencing guidelines. The only guest who fell into line was Danit Ran Schreiber, an image consultant, who contributed the brilliant insight that Stewart should have worn colors like peach rather than black, which was "too severe"

Comment: The other major cable news networks covered this story, of course, but none as exhaustively as Fox. We'll have to wait to see whether any of the finance-oriented shows later in the day attempt to put this story in context.