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Geraldine -- You Go Girl!

Reported by Judy - July 16, 2004 -

Finally, a Democrat has talked back to Fox News! Geraldine Ferraro has been a Fox News political analyst but she may have lost her job today (July 16) for speaking out about Fox News' sensational coverage of Martha Stewart's sentencing.

Ferraro was on Fox News Live (9:34 a.m. EDT) to discuss the controversy swirling around Dick Cheney's continued presence on the GOP ticket.

Shortly before she appeared, however, Fox reporter Jamie Colby gave her umpteenth update on the arrival of Stewart at federal courthouse for sentencing (9:32 a.m. EDT). Having previously exhausted anything new she might have had to say about the non-event of Stewart walking into the courthouse, Colby reported that Stewart looked more like she was attending a ladies' luncheon than a sentencing. Colby said that Stewart's hair was nicely coiffed (it was the same mop blowing across her face that it always is) and that she was "definitely in designer duds."

Instead of talking about Cheney, Ferraro began by apologizing for criticizing her employer and said she thought Colby's characterizations of Stewart's appearance were overblown. "Her hair was combed and she was wearing a pant suit. How did she expect her to go in there?" Ferraro said. "... It's the slant that people put on this thing." Ferraro, a former prosecutor, suggested that Stewart was unfairly singled out because she was a high profile woman (Ferraro should know a thing or two about that, having been pilloried for her husband's business dealings while running for vice president).

Former Virginia Gov. James Gilmore (also a former prosecutor) called that "kind of a silly thing to say," but Ferraro held her ground. "It's not silly. She's been treated differently," Ferraro said, adding that federal prosecutors should have dropped the investigation after finding they could not prove the underlying charge of insider trading, rather than trying to pursue a perjury charge.

Will Ferraro keep her job or will Fox find it no longer needs her services? Did the premiere of "Outfoxed" exposing Fox News' shady journalistic practices embolden Ferraro to speak up? Or was Ferraro just mad as hell and not going to take it anymore?

Maybe Jamie Colby will camp outside Fox headquarters until she gets the answers to those questions.