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Vester on the 2000 Election

Reported by Melanie - July 15, 2004 -

Linda Vester was involved in a discussion about a number of issues today (July 15, 2004) on Dayside with Rich Lowry (National Review) and Ellis Henican (Newsday) as guests.

Moving from one topic to another, at (1:04 p.m. ET) Vester said it "blows my mind" that members of the Congressional Black Caucus have written a letter to Kofi Annan (Secretary General of the United Nations) asking the UN to monitor the presidential election in November.

Henican immediately said "obviously the election didn't go very well last time," to which Vester replied: "Well, it didn't go well for Democrats."

COMMENT: Linda, it didn't go well for the United States of America. When a nation's citizens can't trust that elections will be conducted fairly and honestly, the country as a whole is diminished. Voting, and having one's vote count, is fundamental to a democracy. Our voting system must be beyond reproach; it is at the core of our values as a nation.

Too bad you had to make this a partisan issue.

(Imagine Fox's position if the tables were turned!)