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The Dreaded "T" Word

Reported by Nancy - July 15, 2004 -

Has anyone else noticed that discussion about Abu Ghraib, prisoner abuse (or Torture, the dreaded "T" word) & the ongoing investigations has dropped almost completely off the radar?

I found this while reading Steve Perry's weblog, bushwarsblog.com:

Abu Ghraib: A Google News Haiku
Your free press: still on message!
While cruising the online papers this morning, I stopped at Google News to run a search of some key terms in the Abu Ghraib story.
Abu Ghraib and:
Abuse                       19,100 results
Torture                     10,700
Geneva Conventions    5,910
War crime(s)              1,314
Posted 5/16/04; 9:58:39 AM

So I decided to do an update, & this is what I found:

Abu Ghraib and:
Abuse                       8,720 results
Torture                     4,380
Geneva Conventions   2,780
War crime(s)              403
7/15/04; 9:53 PM

I can only conclude that our "free press" is indeed still on message, & getting predictably fainter & fainter.