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OutFoxed- A Message For Americans

Reported by Deborah - July 14, 2004 -

I have just returned from the Outfoxed screening in New York and it was an incredible experience for all the Newshounds. After spending months monitoring Fox actually seeing the finished product was profoundly moving and satisfying. Robert Greenwald and his crew did a magnificent job and the message the film delivers is powerful, direct and non-partisan. Our democracy will not survive without a truthful media and we, as Americans, deserve this truth and must demand it.

On a more personal level, this experience on the Outfoxed project has revealed to me how much I love this country. For months, I have listened to Fox wail about the the horrible people on the left who are filled with hate , lacking core values,and unpatriotic. Well all the liberal bashing angry and nasty people at Fox should know that all the people I met at the screening were kind, respectful,and devoted to making real change in the media, that will benefit everyone, left and right. These people are the real patriots in my eyes because they are asking the hard questions and taking action .

Please see Outfoxed and join us in the fight to restore integrity in journalism and affirm the true values of all Americans.