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Postpone the Election?

Reported by Marie Therese - July 11, 2004 -

CNN. 6:02 PM EDT.

Will the U. S. Election Assistance Commission postpone the election in the event of a terrorist attack?

CNN is reporting right at this minute that the Homeland Security Department is discussing the "remote" possibilty of postponing the election, so the same situation that occurred in Spain does not occur here.

Translation: Al Qaeda wants the Democrats to win and would use a terrorist attack to swing the election to Kerry-Edwards.

So, this looks like a thinly veiled message to Al Qaeda: Hands off - you can't get Bush out of the White House that easily!

But, you say, only Congress could postpone the election?

The Republicans own the Congress, so where do you think they'll come down? A quick, stealth vote and - whee! - Bush gets a second chance to win.

A few months ago some of my more disenchanted friends ran this scenario past me. I told them they were way off base - it couldn't happen here.

Now I'm not so sure.