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Nader Helps Fox Spin Against Democrats

Reported by Melanie - July 10, 2004 -

At 8:11 p.m. ET today (July 10, 2004) Ralph Nader was a guest on Heartland with John Kasich. Kasich and Nader talked about how the Democrats are keeping Nader off the ballot in some states, how the two party system is excluding Nader from debates, and how Howard Dean has repudiated objections he had about John Kerry which he made during the primary season.

COMMENT: Fox is using Nader and Nader hasn't a clue. In another time, you'd never see Ralph Nader on Fox. They don't like his kind; they don't care about his issues. But, since Nader how has complaints about Democrats, they love him. They gave him six minutes (an eternity in TV land as we all know) and Kasich didn't once interrupt him. A far left liberal trashing Democrats.

Nader is Fox's dream guest.