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Cavuto on Kenny Boy

Reported by Eleanor - July 10, 2004 -

On Neil Cavuto's Saturday morning show on Fox (July 10, 10:50 a.m.), the issues under discussion were, "Why Martha Stewart & Ken Lay may never see the inside of a jail cell, and why you may profit as a result. No jail time? Is that what it takes for the markets to soar? This teaser caught my interest.

Four guests expressed their varying opinions, but I was most interested in Cavuto's points that he repeated numerous times to ensure that the viewers weren't distracted by comments from the guests. Cavuto said: For investors who want revenge, embarrassment is enough. Cavuto asked: What role does jail time serve? Followed by: Humiliated in public, that's enough. Finally, to make his point emphatic, Cavuto reiterated: For the purpose of investors, humiliation exacts revenge - move on. No matter what the guests said, Cavuto stuck to his mantra of no jail time for Lay and Stewart. They have been punished enough.

Comment: I don't think the Enron investors would agree with Cavuto. And how about other CEO's who are currently ripping off 401K's? How might they take to the idea of no jail time? As far as Martha is concerned, her profit of a few thousand dollars from an inside trader sale compared to Lay's sale of millions in personal holdings while telling his employees and stockholders that the company was solvent is ridiculous. I have no idea why these two are handled as equals in a discussion about corporate crime.