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Kerry The Heretic

Reported by Deborah - July 9, 2004 -

(7/9/04 9:21 PM ET)
In keeping with the religious theme Fox has been promoting this week, Marc Balestrieri, a Boston Attorney, appeared on Hannity&Colmes to explain why he is trying to get John Kerry ex-communicated from the Catholic Church.Balestrieri said he was "fed up" with Catholic pro-choice candidates and Kerry had no right to take communion and therefore should be banished from the Church. Colmes asked Balestrieri about Catholic politicians, who are pro death penalty but Balestrieri stayed fixated on Kerry and his stand on abortion.

Comment: One look at Marc Balestrieri and it was clear that this man was feverishly obsessed. His eyes were wide, unblinking and glistening with fervor. He spoke in a very strange and measured way that was almost frightening. Colmes made it clear that at this time no officials of the Catholic Church were considering Balestrieri's charges against Kerry. Only the most dedicated Kerry haters could have taken this guy seriously.