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It's like a shell game

Reported by Chrish - July 9, 2004 -

Carl Cameron, live in "Studio B" with Shep Smith July 8, thinks that it's unlikely that Florida will be "ground zero" (in the 2004 election) and the state that "we're all looking at,

everybody is expecting Ohio to supplant Florida in importance." (3:18 EDT)

Is this a warning, or a distraction?

Comment: Well, since the governor PROMISED Ohio's electoral votes to Bush and they've installed the touch-screen vote-stealing machines (sans paper-trails, natch), you bet your bippy we're watching Ohio. But don't think for a minute we're not watching brother Jeb too - he's already caught up to the same dirty tricks they used to steal the White House in 2000. While we're all watching OH and FL, they'll rig CA or NY, or so they hope. Democracy lovers everywhere have to be involved and vigilant!