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Hitting on Hillary -- again

Reported by Judy - July 9, 2004 -

I know it's beginning to sound like a broken record, but Fox News was beating up on Senator Hillary Clinton again today (July 9). Gregg Jarrett invited the author of a sleazy book about Senator Clinton to appear on Fox News Live.

Christopher Andersen promoted his book American Evita: Hillary Clinton's Path to Power (9:38 a.m. EDT) for the second straight day on Fox. Among the mud Andersen slung was that Senator Clinton "has quite a mouth on her." As an example of what Jarrett called the senator's ability to "swear like sailor," Andersen said that when the president told her about Monica Lewinski, the senator said, "You stupid, stupid, stupid bastard." Boy, oh boy, a woman getting mad when she finds about her husband's sexual dalliances. Next thing you know, we'll want the vote.

Jarrett noted that a USA Today review of the book called it recylced gossip "with a more sinister cast." Andersen bragged about his sources and said he had been following the Clintons for six years.

An earlier post was right -- for the right wing, the Clintons are the gift that keeps on giving.