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Dirty Money

Reported by Judy - July 9, 2004 -

The words "politician" and "money" used together often convey sleaziness in the public's mind, even when no wrong-doing is involved. That must be why Fox News went to so much trouble today (July 9) to emphasis John Kerry's fund-raiser last night in New York. That and the fact that Republicans liked the idea.

When Greg Jarret wasn't hyping the Senate report supposedly exonerating Bush of screwing up pre-war intelligence on Iraq, he was doing his best to link John Kerry with money by harping on a Kerry fund-raiser last night in New York. Jarret said Kerry was "raising millions" in New York City (9:13 a.m. EDT), that he was "raking in the dough" (9:27 a.m. EDT), and that he was raising a record amount of money (9:35 a.m. EDT).

Meanwhile, Fox showed video of Air Force One taking off, of Bush getting off the plane in Pennsylvania (no word if he's raising funds there), and generally acting presidential.

Jarret also made much of Whoopi Goldberg's reported attack on Bush, but was never explicit about what she said. Apparently, innuedo sufficed.

In his 9:35 a.m. discussion of the fund-raiser, Jaret read outloud the statement from RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie attacking Goldberg for her comments, whatever they were. Fox is known for following RNC talking points, but usually they're a little more subtle about how they do it. Jarret read Gillespie's statement right from his monitor, without bothering to edit or even review it first. Fox doesn't even pretend to be fair and balanced.