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A Panel Discussion Of Conservatives Only

Reported by Ellen - July 9, 2004 -

Alan Colmes' radio program tonight had a discussion, 10-11pm ET, about last night's Kerry/Edwards fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in NYC which morphed into discussing the war on terror. His two guests consisted of Republican Monica Crowley (unidentified as Colmes' sister-in-law) and conservative Ann Coulter. Predictably, they dominated the discussion, ridiculing and criticizing Kerry, Edwards, their supporters and Democrats. Alan Colmes (the liberal host) seemed to enjoy the repartee and offered jocular rebuttal such as this response to Ann Coulter's inane (to me) question, "Are you for or against Rummy rubbing Sadaam's butt?"

Colmes, "I'm against it."

Another night of "fair and balanced" discussion on Fox.