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The Wisdom of Falwell

Reported by Deborah - July 8, 2004 -

Jerry Falwell appeared on Hannity&Colmes tonight to discuss the validity of the recent Texas statement, declaring that the United States is officially Christian.It's not hard to figure out where he stood on this subject and that's exactly why he was invited on the show. 7/8/04 9:42PM ET

Falwell started off sounding reasonable, debating historical data with Colmes but the preacher in him soon started to rise up. According to Jerry, America is only great because it was founded by Christians, who are always compassionate, open and welcoming to outsiders.That's why "Muslims can come here and build their Mosques because we're Christian." He explained that we are bound by Judeo-Christian principles which of course includes the Jewish people. However he was emphatic about excluding Islamic from the the label. "They try to jam that down our throats."
At 9:50 PM, Mike Gallagher and Falwell had a chance to lament 'the hatred on the left because Bush expresses his faith"

Comment: After watching an hour of Hannity&Colmes propoganda, I'm really angry. Hannity, here's one liberal Democrats who resents your exclusionary tactics. The right does not have a monopoly on faith and patriotism. A person's spiritual evolvement has nothing to do with their religious affiliation. If you really believed in the true principles of democracy, you would understand what liberals really love about this country. Unfortunatly, it's everything that you are trying to destroy.