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Hitting on Hillary Again, continued

Reported by Judy - July 8, 2004 -

Fox News did all it could to promote the rumor that Sen. Hillary Clinton wanted to be Kerry's VP. Having failed to bring that about, Fox News today (July 8) returned to the familiar refrain of a Clinton conspiracy to put Senator Clinton in the White House in 2008.

Fox and Friends's three co-hosts interviewed Christopher Anderson (8:52 a.m. EDT) about his book attacking Clinton titled, The American Evita: Hillary Clinton's Path to Power.

Anderson charged, without any substantiation, that President Clinton was upset about Edwards' selection for the VP slot and so probably will not do all he can to help Kerry get elected. He also claimed that Senator Clinton "will do whatever it takes" to become president, described her as "quite mean," and as similar to Eva Peron "in every sense," bringing up negative associations with the wife of the former dictator of Argentina.

Fox will do anything to trash Senator Clinton and then continually remind viewers that she is a Democrat like John Kerry. It's their version of guilt by association -- If you hate Hillary, you've got to hate Kerry.