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Good Hair and Lynne a Dud

Reported by Eleanor - July 8, 2004 -

On Dayside with Linda Vester today (July 8, 1:30 p.m. ET), Lynne Cheney did an "exclusive" Fox interview. The most notable "news" from the exclusive report, other than Lynne's comment that Kerry and Edwards don't want the American people to keep as much of their money as they can, rather than give it to the government, and that Kerry/Edwards are against education (NCLB), she called Kerry's good hair comment "almost self-revealing."

Cheney went on to say this political joke was "kind of a dud." "Voters are not interested in who has the best hair. People are laughing in a way politicians don' t like to be laughed at." She gushed that Cheney is "the best husband, father, softie as a granddad, and the center of their family life."

Comment: This interview struck me as too shallow and too feminine. These women need to do something useful with their lives, such as discuss substantial issues when they have the opportunity provided to them on national television. Do you suppose they think we're all a bunch of air heads who cannot handle an indepth political conversation? Or is it that they are the air heads? (I suspect the latter)