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Dumpin' Dick

Reported by Judy - July 8, 2004 -

Fox News had quite a juggling act to perform today (July 8). It had to both explain why Dick Cheney is a better VP than John Edwards would be, while also explaining why a member of his own party wants Bush to dump Cheney.

Fox News Live, of course, was up to the task. In an interview with John Moylan, a former Edwards adviser, and Brad Blakeman, a former Bush assistant (9:13 a.m. EDT), anchor Bob Sellars gave Blakeman plenty of time to trash Edwards as inexperienced while contending that Cheney would be ready to be president from Day One (Some people would say he was president from Day One).

Rather than mess things up by asking Blakeman about Al D'Amato's Dump Cheney plea, Sellars waited until near the end of the show (8:42 a.m. EDT) to ask another set of guests -- Michael Meehan, Kerry adviser, and Tucker Eskew, Bush campaign adviser -- about Cheney's place on the ticket.

Eskew, of course, denied that Cheney was a problem for the ticket and said the VP "is doing a great job. ... The president is proud to have him at his side all the way through ... The president is proud to run with Dick Cheney."

I imagine Fox will want to replay that quote if Bush does dump Cheney.