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"What's Wrong with Edwards," Day 2

Reported by Judy - July 7, 2004 -

Fox News today (July 7) picked up right where it left off yesterday, stressing what's wrong with John Kerry's vice presidential pick John Edwards. But on only the second day or their campaign to define Edwards, Fox has run out of material and been forced to recycle the same old stuff.

As Ellen pointed out in a posting, Fox coverage yesterday focused on what was wrong with Edwards On Fox News Live (9:15 a.m. EDT), Bob Sellars continued the theme, using questions conveying the information that Edwards is a "liberal" who may be bad for business, may not be able to "deliver" his home state of North Carolina, and is a trial lawyer who got rich suing corporations. All of which was said over and over again yesterday.

Fox even trotted out again the Bush ad featuring McCain introducing Bush (9:34 a.m. EDT) in case viewers missed the multiple times Fox showed it yesterday.

How many days can they keep this up? How many days till Nov. 2?