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Only Scott Peterson preempts John Edwards

Reported by Ellen - July 7, 2004 -

Fox News reached an unprecedented level of concern yesterday for John Kerry's election bid. EVERY TIME I tuned in - this morning, this afternoon and this evening - the topic was John Edwards and why he might not be a good choice as a vice presidential candidate. Even Sean Hannity listed the top five reasons Edwards might not be good for the ticket. It was really touching to see so many Fox personnel ignoring so many other stories in order to highlight again and again their concern for Kerry's future. And in such detail! They even brought in several Republican notables such as Elizabeth Dole and Dan Quayle to repeat the alarms.

What generosity on the part of the producers that allowed them to run through the same points over and over, and then a few more times, rather than cover more neutral news such as the 9/11 Commission's announcement that Dick Cheney had no information that they didn't already have indicating a connection between Al Qaeda and Iraq.

It must have been their devotion to remaining fair and balanced that prompted Fox to replay, two or three times in a half-hour, clips from the latest Bush re-election ad.

Thank goodness Fox's nose for news perked up again for the latest details on the Scott Peterson trial. The public has a right to know!