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Edwards' Bounce "Not Surprising"

Reported by Judy - July 7, 2004 -

In Foxland, if you say something is "not surprising," then it's not important. That's how Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy today (July 7) interpreted a Wall Street Journal overnight poll showing the Kerry-Edwards ticket at 49 percent and Bush-Cheney at 41 percent.

Doocy was interviewing Ed Gillespie, RNC chair, about the poll (8:28 a.m. EDT) when he stated, "This kind of bounce is not surprising. You were expecting it, weren't you?"

Gillespie stuck to his part of the script, saying on average in recent elections, a challenger goes up 8 points in July and an incumbent goes down 7 points.

To which Doocy replied, "So what you're telling us is, in July the only number you should be concerned about is your SPF?"

In other words, this poll isn't bad news for Bush. It just doesn't matter.