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We Interrupt Your Holiday to Bring You the War on Terror

Reported by Judy - July 5, 2004 -

Lest Americans have too much fun on the 4th of July and forget that we're in a global war on terror, Fox News kept the issue front and center today (July 5). In one of its countless interviews with Bill Kristol from the Weekly Standard , a sister news organization, Fox News Live reminded viewers that "we're in a global war on terror."

Kristol, in an interview beginning at 9:20 a.m. EDT, predicted Bush will win the election if security remains the top issue. "If we're electing a president to fight a war, Bush will win," he said, as video of Bush campaigning in shirt sleeves ran on the screen.

To do that, Bush has to scare Americans so badly that they will believe that the war on Iraq, which more and more people are seeing as a mistake, is somehow related to stopping terrorist attacks in the U.S. Kristol did his part today, repeating the Bush mantra that "Saddam had ties with terrorists," so therefore Americans are better off now that Saddam is no longer in power.