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Kerry's VP Pick and Abortion

Reported by Judy - July 5, 2004 -

Fox News Channel's coverage of John Kerry is usually slim to non-existant but at the end of a three-day weekend today (July 5) news must have been pretty slow because Fox and Friends and Fox News Live mentioned Kerry several times.

Fox and Friends (8:23 a.m. EDT) interviewed a pair of political strategists, Democrat Regina Calcatera and GOP Kim Alfano Doyle, about Kerry's VP pick. Doyle tried to paint the Democrats as the party of the "far left," saying Kerry needs to pick someone "from the far left to energize that political base." Guess she hasn't noticed that Democrats all across the spectrum are more united and energized than ever and that Kerry is setting fund-raising records for a Democrat. Energizing is not a problem.

At 8:35 a.m. EDT, Fox and Friends went back to Kerry with a discussion about Kerry's views on abortion, Juliette Huddy tried to claim that Kerry's position was inconsistent because he personally opposes abortion and believes life begins at conception, but he respects the separation of church and state and doesn't want to impose his religious beliefs on others. "We do legislate murder," Huddy said, trying to compare abortion to murder.

Since Huddy is so anxious to have Kerry follow the Catholic Church's views, I wonder if she would be so eager to have Kerry legislate his church's views regarding divorce and birth control? Or to follow the pope's condemnation of the war in Iraq?

Fox News Live returned to these same two issues -- the VP and abortion -- at 9:33 a.m. EDT and 9:38 a.m. EDT.

It was more time than I have seen Fox News spend on Kerry than any other time during the five long months I have been watching Fox and Friends and Fox News Live.