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Fox Reporting In Sync With Bush's Religious Outreach

Reported by Ellen - July 5, 2004 -

Struck by the number of recent posts about Fox News reports emphasizing the negatives about Kerry's religious beliefs and highlighting the positives about Bush's (including my own post on an entire program seemingly devoted to that cause Fox Host Tries to Portray Bush as God's Candidate), I became suspicious that so many Fox programs, with different hosts and reporters, each just happened to have fastened on this same issue. So I did a little bit of surfing around Foxnews.com. Within no time, I found Bush Camp Defends Church Outreach. Sure enough, this article, dated Friday, July 2, 2004, reports that the Bush campaign is taking many steps to mobilize church members in July to support Bush's re-election.

Is Fox doing its part for the Bush cause or is it just a coincidence that it should suddenly begin to emphasize the candidates' religious views now? Hmm. What do you think?