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Colmes Cuts Off Guest While Shouting About Being Gracious

Reported by Ellen - July 5, 2004 -

Listening to Alan Colmes' radio interview tonight with Ted Rall for the second time (on a "best of" series of interviews), allowed me to catch some irony I missed the first time around.

Tuning in late at approximately 10:40 pm, I was just in time to listen to Alan Colmes rant and yell at Mr. Rall for having called Colmes a "faux liberal." Recalling the previous airing of the interview, I knew that their dispute arose when Rall criticized Colmes' extremely positive (some might say fawning) coverage of the life of Ronald Reagan for several days after his death.

In an attempt to defend himself, Colmes shouted, "Liberals are gracious and generous," cutting off Rall then and at nearly every other time he started to speak. That was followed by another Colmes rant that Rall is a discredit to liberals and, "The fact that I am on Fox is proof that they are fair and balanced."

Then why not have a real discussion about Rall's position?