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Asman Echoes Bush Spokesman

Reported by Melanie - July 5, 2004 -

David Asman hosted the first half of an extended Fox News Live today (July 5, 2004, 1:00 p.m. ET) in place of Dayside w/Linda Vester. Asman echoed the position of the White House when he reported on remarks made by John Kerry in Iowa over the weekend.

Asman said Kerry "made some rather surprising" statements about abortion in an interview there. Asman said Kerry has always supported abortion but said in the Iowa interview that he believes, "personally," that "life begins at conception." Asman then said this represented "a sort of turn around."

Steve Schmidt, a Bush spokesman, quoted in a July 5, 2004, Washington Post article said, in part: "John Kerry's... willingness to change his beliefs...."

COMMENT: Asman: "A sort of turn around." Bush spokesman: "Willingness to change his beliefs." My main point is to highlight the suspicious similarity between the two statements. I also want to say that John Kerry did not change his position in any way. He has never spoken about his personal (important word) beliefs about when life begins. In this interview he did. He also, however, said that he doesn't believe in imposing his beliefs on others and that his position on abortion stands. Fox and the RNC took this and spun it totally out of context.