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Fox Host Tries to Portray Bush as God's Candidate

Reported by Ellen - July 4, 2004 -

The entire 7/3/04 After Hours with Cal Thomas program seemed devoted to making the point that all Americans should have faith and that people of faith should vote for Bush who is not only the right candidate for the country but for God.

Unfortunately for Thomas, the whole show did not go as he had apparently planned.

The first half seemed to go according to the script:

In the opening segment, "Column One," Thomas said that the Declaration of Independence was "a profoundly spiritual document." Then, quoting President Calvin Coolidge, Thomas added, "Unless the faith of the American people in these religious convictions is to endure, the principles of our Declaration will perish."

Thomas then went through a couple of polls showing that Catholics and Protestants prefer Bush over Kerry. People who regularly attend religious services prefer Bush by more than 20%, according to these statistics.

Thomas asked one of his guests, Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, "Ted, how do you account for that?"

Haggard answered that people who attend church are "more caring, less selfish. Kerry says, 'We'll give you things, we'll give you things, we'll give you things.' Bush says, 'We need to sacrifice to help other people.'"

Another guest, Julia Dean, of the Washington Times said, "Kerry's not used to the discourse of faith... Kerry seems to be racing away from (faith)."

Thomas asked about a poll showing that 75% of Catholics oppose bishops denying Communion to politicians who dissent with the Church on abortion (as Kerry does). "Is it a good thing for Catholic bishops to start dictating public policy?"

Haggard: "Absolutely... Every religious organization has the struggle between those who are truly committed to the principles and values of that religious organization and those that are just culturally attached to it. And what we see happening right now in America amongst the Catholics is there are some truly devoted Catholics that understand that a baby is a human being and that the life of God is important in people so they can become good and forgiven and kind and generous. Where we have other, cutural Catholics that like church attendance but they haven't experienced internal conviction."

That statement, implying that Kerry is not a "truly devoted" Catholic, was left unchallenged by Thomas, leaving the impression that, at the least, he does not disagree.

Next guest was actor Stephen Baldwin, born-again Christian and director of a documentary movie about extreme skateboarders with a Christian message. But, apparently, Baldwin, was not ready to claim Bush as the man for God.

Thomas opened the interview by saying, "You like President Bush, you're Christian, you're a conservative..."

Baldwin interrupted, "I like President Bush? Oooh."

Thomas (taken aback): "Don't you?"

Baldwin: "My statement on that one is that I'll be supporting the man I believe has the most faith." He said he is not a conservative but part of "a new breed of Christianity. Some new cats are going to rise up and do the work of Jesus Christ in some new and innovative ways."

Thomas quickly switched the topic to the movie.

Thank you, Stephen Baldwin, for keeping the show balanced, even if it was inadvertently so. Could this be a sign from a Higher Power?