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Man of God Speaks To LHJ

Reported by Deborah - July 3, 2004 -

Fox viewers got a small sampling of an exclusive interview of President Bush in the new issue of Ladies Home Journal. Two rather strange quotes ran on the ticker during the Fox Report .7/3/04 7PM to 8PM ET

"Evil People can become good but when it
comes to Usama Bin Laden, this guy's soul
is so corroded there's no way"
" America is experiencing a spiritual
reawakening. People are a bit more

Immediatly following these odd statements, there was a line on the ticker about John Kerry.
" John Kerry said in the same issue that he would choose not
to insert as many religious references in public as the

Comment. Give me a break. Isn't Fox embarrassed about being so transparent and underhanded at the same time? I can think of quite a few corroded souls in Washington D.C. that could really use a spiritual reawakening.