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The Fox Web Keeps Spinning Economic News

Reported by Ellen - July 2, 2004 -

Fox News uses the now-familiar-to-us tactic of surrounding bad-for-Bush news with good in the apparent hope it will look better that way. Today's story on Foxnews.com about job numbers were no exception.

As Melanie reported here earlier, other news outlets expressed alarm about today's job report but not Fox. Job Growth Slows Sharply. No Big Deal on Fox!. The same is true on its website. There, the headline is Job Numbers Mixed.

If you click to the story itself, Unemployment Rate Steady, but Job Growth Slower Than Expected there's some alarming news buried in the middle: "In a sign of broader weakness, the average workweek eased to 33.6 hours in June from 33.8 in May, the shortest since a matching level in December."

But perhaps in an effort to be optimistic like Bush, this important observation is left out of the headlines and is wrapped in cushioning such as: 'June's payroll increase, nonetheless, was the 10th straight month of gains" and "Evidence of a strengthening labor market and the specter of new inflationary pressures prompted the Federal Reserve on Wednesday to raise interest rates for the first time in four years." That's followed by a list of several sectors who have experienced job gains.