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Republican Optimisim

Reported by Deborah - July 2, 2004 -

Don Evans, Commerce Secretary, told
Alan Colmes and Ollie North, that our
economy is " the best we've ever seen."
7/02/04 Hannity&Colmes 9:31PM ET

Evans wet on to say that jobs are plentiful,
"More Americans are working now then we have
ever seen in the history of this country"

Colmes asked him why unemployment rates have
not changed adding that the workforce is larger
because of a rise in population through history

Evans not easily swayed continued his optimistic rant.
265,000 jobs are created each month
Home ownership is the highest ever
President's tax cuts created bigger take home pay
The 8th month of 2004 most robust in years.

Colmes then burst Evan's bubble with his next questions.
"Then why aren't approval ratings higher for Bush? Isn't
it more about how people feel? Aren't those new jobs
low paying?"

Since Evan's had no real answer for these questions , he did
a little side stepping and went into attack mode.
" People want to look for bad news. Some people want to find
any scentilla of bad news!"

Comments: Okay, Mr. Evans, Let's look for some bad news.
The tax cuts have increased my take home pay by $24.00
a month. However, that bounty is quickly eaten up by rises
in healthcare, heating oil, electricity and gasoline. Most
Americans are not experiencing your booming economy.
Personal bankruptcy and mortgage forclosure is at an all
time high. There is vast unemployment in my world and
the kids are finishing college with no jobs in sight. Speaking
of College, tuition is up and financial aid is down. So please
don't insult the American people with your Republican
optimisim. We know better.