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"Red, White and Liberal" and Dismaying All Over

Reported by Ellen - July 2, 2004 -

OK, so I'm only on Page 14 of Alan Colmes' book, "Red, White and Liberal," (published by ReganBooks, a Fox affiliate) but already this newshound smells a rat!

Page ix in the Acknowledgments: "Roger (Ailes, chairman and CEO of Fox News) sees things mere mortals overlook. Not only does he surround himself with the best and brightest people in the business, he also trusts them to do their jobs. The result is a superior product created by a focused, motivated group that each day reaches a little higher than the day before."

Page 3: "(President George W. Bush) is one of the most charming policiticans (and people, not that they're mutually exclusive) I've ever met. I've liked him better the few times I've spent a couple of minutes with him than I've liked many on my own side politically, regardless of the amount of time I've spent in their company."

Pages 11-12: "(Sean Hannity) is passionate in his beliefs, articulate, and persuasive... Sean is also a great American who realizes that the great ongoing national debate as epitomized on Hannity and Colmes is integral to democracy."

Can Colmes actually believe these things? Has he watched Sean Vanity rant and rave and berate guests then cut them off before they have had a chance to respond? We newshounds have and we don't think that's the great American way of debate.

I think Outfoxed will help prove those statments to be the same kind of distortion that have become all too familiar for us Foxwatchers.