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Rating the Presidents

Reported by Deborah - July 2, 2004 -

James Taranto, a Wall Street Journal Columnist,
plugged his book, "Presidential Leadership", on
Hannity&Colmes. Taranto's views are far to the
right but he claimed that this book, which rates
the Presidents, is non partisan.However, the
review of this book was definitely unfair.
(7/01/04 9:47 PM ET )

The teases for this segment all contained negative Clinton
references or photos of Clinton.
" Who is our greatest President? No, it's not Bill Clinton"

Early in the segment Oliver North reported that Bill Clinton came
in 24th out of 42 who had been rated. Taranto made sure that all
knew that this was just average. Reagan was described as one of
our greatest presidents, yet his rating wasn't emphasized. Bush 41,
was not mentioned at all. Since North did not inquire about Bush
41's rating, it must not have been glowing.

The ratings in the book are supposedly compiled by a non partisan
group but Taranto claimed that previous ratings had been pushed
to the left by too many liberal professors in the group. Now,Taranto
seemed satisfied that the group was balanced. However, a look
at the reviews on Amazon.com give a very different picture. There
is even a warning to readers not to be fooled by the non partisan

No surprise that the segment ended with Alan Colmes asking about
George W. Bush's rating. Taranto's words were all positive claiming
that if Democracy is brought to the Middle East, Bush will be known
as one of the greatest Presidents.