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Priorities, Priorities

Reported by Nancy - July 2, 2004 -

Fox News Live had a few filler stories to begin the show -- including an ALERT to announce that it was Iraqis, not US soldiers, who had escorted Saddam Hussein into the courtroom yesterday -- but mainly everyone was waiting for Bush to begin a speech on the economy. At 11:08am EDT they went to full coverage of Bush's speech.

The other major media also covered this, but while CNN, MSNBC & C-SPAN were content to run banners at the bottom of the screen that said "President Bush on the Economy", Fox followed its usual practice of labelling this an ALERT & reiterating or restating what Bush had just said.

Comment: Do they do this because they think their viewers are too stupid to understand what is being said?

At 11:33am EDT, the banner changed to read "Marlon Brando dead at 80". Fox stayed with Bush for another 8 minutes, then at 11:41 switched to all-Brando, all-the-time, which they ran uninterrupted for the next 18 minutes.

Comment: So, according to Fox priorities, Brando's death is more important than the US economy?