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No specific threat warrants big coverage

Reported by Chrish - July 2, 2004 -

On July 2 Fox News Live devoted six air-minutes (3:09, 3:23) to the FBI issuance of a non-specific warning which had been addressed to law enforcement agencies. We were warned to keep an eye out for terrorists who might want to spoil our holiday weekend,

"even though - this is very important - there is no specific threat of terrorist attacks occurring." The terrorists we should be watching for may be male, female, or working in male/female teams. A professional Security Consultant, Ron Williams, admonished us to "be very, uh, attentive." (afraid?)

Comment: These fellows need to read "The boy who cried wolf". They want us to feel nervous and comforted simultaneously. (Big Brother Bush will protect you.) This kind of vague fear-mongering is what we News Hounds have come to expect from Fox.